Marketing Freebies For Trade Expos And Job Fairs

A job fair and a trade expo will definitely exhaust people. Since these types of occasions are jam-packed it is inevitable that participants will lose their energy checking one booth to another. Plus, these persons are also carrying tons of promotional material from different companies that might be too large, heavy and unorganized. Give them sympathy and do advertising at the same time by disseminating promotional materials that will recharge them.

Here are some of the marketing gifts that would bring their lost energies back and would recharge their fatigued bodies back in fighting form.

Logo Water Bottle with Water- These people will be very fatigued of walking and hunting for a nice company where they can send in their resumes. Revitalize their senses by giving them water. People will surely appreciate your sympathy and your company brand as well.

Chocolate/Candy Bars- Chocolate and candy bars are filled with enough number of calories to bring back the lost energy that people employed for roaming and walking. These energy bars will somehow keep their tired bodies recharged and revitalized.

Packed Popcorns- The long line of people in each trade fair or job fair booth will be very boring for them. Give them something to read or something to eat. A pack of popcorn will be a marvelous boredom buster while they wait for their turn to be interviewed.

Mints- Speaking of interviews, it is always nice to keep your breath fresh to create good impression. Mint is a nice marketing gift that would be a brisk aid for a not-so-fresh breath after eating a pack of popcorn or smoking.

Tote Bags- Since most of these individuals are carrying a lot of stuff from various organizations, give them assistance by handing tote bags. This custom marketing gift will make their lives easier by holding all their items at one hand.

These are some of the greatest marketing gifts that you can distributed to people during trade events and job fairs. Make sure that you have your logo imprinted and a great gimmick to come with it. Through these gifts of sympathy, your company will unquestionably be appreciated and remembered.