Affiliate Marketing – Can I Quit My Job?

Are you ready to tell your boss to shove his job? Have you had enough of the 9-5 grind and constant commuting?

Has it ever crossed your mind to start your own business but the risk has always worried you? Well these fears are justified. Most small businesses fold in their first couple of years. Many reasons come to mind, commonly the financial commitment. One way to decrease the risk is to investigate the option of Affiliate Marketing.

As you get involved in Affiliate Marketing you can reduce the risk by over 90% and also develop a sound home business.

By becoming an Affiliate Marketer you essentially promote products and services for a merchant. As an Affiliate Marketer you will have access to literally thousands of products and services. If you chose this business you should be aware that you will be required to put in some hard work and be driven to succeed.

As an Affiliate you will simply drive traffic to the merchant’s sales page and they will be responsible for all the stock, delivery and payments. By increasing the website traffic you will increase the commissions paid to you.

It is strongly advisable to get involved with an Affiliate Program that is well respected and established. Two of the most respected Affiliate companies are ClickBank and Commission Junction. These Affiliate giants are similar in what they do but are also quite diverse in many ways.

Commission Junction sells many types of products and has an excellent Affiliate program which makes many people a very good living online. ClickBank is equally powerful in the Affiliate Marketing industry but only sells digital products. This has an advantage as all the products you will promote are available to the customer instantly after the purchase.

If you are an imaginative person and are self motivated it is well worth contemplating a profession in Affiliate Marketing. It is possible to create a solid work from home business with limited risk to your finances. Start up expenses are minimal and all that is needed is access to a computer with an Internet connection. By promoting high quality products and services for your merchants you will soon demand respect and develop a solid home business.